13 September 2010

Yet Another Cybergata, One Blamed For His Owners Porn Addiction

Some people reading may already know that my online name, Cybergata, means a female cat on the Internet. Gata is Spanish for female cat, and Cyber is taken from William Gibson's coinage of Cyberspace for the Internet. I'm always excited to find photos or graphics showing Cat using computers. The sweet kitty I found today was used along with an article about a man claiming the child pornography on his computer was there because his cat put it there by accident.

Yes, like we believe this. The most cats I've had at any single time was five, and these cats had walked, slept or run over my keyboard more than a few times. Never, Not Once, Not EVER did the one of the eight cats who have claimed me as their person landed on a child porn site let alone save the porn to my hard drive. Shame on Keith Griffin, first for sharing child porn, but also for blaming an innocent cybergata for your evil deeds.

The Article and Photo is from Time Newsfeed.

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