11 September 2010

Daily Hello Kitteh, Hello Kitty Gaffiti

Hello Kitty
Photo By Henk Kosters, taken in the Netherlands 

Photo By baddogwhiskas taken in Sydney, Australia

HOF Zuiderpark
Photo by By Meneer De Braker taken in the Netherlands

Photo By HoMan Lee, taken in Beijing, China

Hello Kitty

Photo by Xerxes2K

Hello Kitty porn
Photo By Christopher Dewolf, taken in Hong Kong

hello kitty did a poo
Photo Mark Thompson, taken in Hong Kong

Photo by By hettyla

Photo By Jimbo-Slice

Kitty & Guadalquivir
Photo By inthesitymad, in Sevilla, Spain

Some where in Japan
Hello Kitty Piece

Photo by By Maine Graffiti Art taken in Maine, U.S.
goodbye kitty


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