19 December 2010

Tis the Season for Snow Cats

How to make a snow cat from WikiHow

Hello Kitty? Cat Snowman


Lion & Cat #3
Lion  and Snow Cat from Sweden

Snowball VI - How to make a Snowcat

LongCat SnowCat

After the Snowstorm

Snow cat


snow cat II

snow cat

Snow cat

Snow cat

Snow Tiger rear

Snow cat

Meaoww - Bethnal Green

Cat in the Snow

Bubba snow cat

snowcat close


Dusty with a light dusting of snow


snow kitty

snow kitty

Snow Cats

Snow Kitty

Snow kitty 2

Snow Kitty Cat by Melinda Soto

snow kitty

snow kitty 2009 001

snow kitty 2009 002

Snow Cat

snow cat

Snow cat

Simon's Snow Cat 

My attempt at making a snow cat!

Snow Cat 2

Snow Cat # 1

Snow Cat

snow cat

Snow Cat by Tim Dickins


Catsparella said...

These are awesome!! I especially love long cat, maneki neko cat, and totoro!!

Barb said...

Thanks for posting these awesome pics!

Fernweher said...

really cute pictures. it makes me want to make a snow cat too! Maybe one day soon instead of hiding from the cold I'll go make the best of it :D

Unknown said...

These pictures are fantastic! So entertaining and adorable. Some really good snow cats! Simon's cat was amazing. I laughed out loud at many of the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them!