31 August 2010

There is a new Meme Strutting Its Way Onto the Internet

Move over SadKeanu.  Move aside PrancingCera.  There is a new meme strutting its way into Memedom.  StruttingLeo looks confident that he can gain the popularity that PrancingCera and SadKeanu have enjoyed.  There is a new website, FuckYeahStruttingLeo,  dedicated to him as well.

I added StruttingLeo to my other
2 Memes I made into one photo.
Another one I made

Badger, Badger, SNAKE, Badger, Badger, mushroom, mushroom, LEO, LEO, STRUTTING, STRUTTING

Here is an exploitable StruttingLeo
if you want to make your own compilation:

Check out the wonderful Strutting Leo creations by people on Buzzfeed.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha my friened told me about this i like the pun very *_witty_* lol