06 August 2010

Moving My BuzzFeed Contributions to Here

For the past year I have been addicted to FaceBook. There are many old friends and former students that I have reconnected to on FaceBook, which has been very inviting. This past summer I found myself pulled int the the fun and game on BuzzFeed. Now I'm tired of adding content to their site. In fact, once I figure out how to delete myself, I'm out of there. I decided I'd transfer my contributions here instead since I liked what I contributed there.

Going Backwards in time. I posted the latest installment of Zach Anner tours which begins in his home town Buffalo, New York with trip to Niagara Falls where he finds more than just a big waterfall. Zach became famous for his wit displayed in his video Audition for Oprah. There was a good deal of controversy over whether the final count was fair.

I've been waiting for the Parodies of the trailer that has been shown for The Social Network or “The Facebook Movie” to who up. urlesque has the first few on display. Here is one using YouTube in the place of FaceBook.

This month the Internet is 41 years old. I first got "on-line" about 19 years ago. At the time we communicated with e-mail and in Usenet groups.  I always loved Godwin's Law which came out of those days when people used the Usenets.

Another one of my favorite memes is Rickrolling.

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