09 May 2011

Flickr Kittehs

Sometime around April Flickr changed how photos could be shared.  Flickr allowed blogging of Creative Commons photos with a touch of a button.  I was in the middle of my Tumblr madness addiction about that time, and posted hundreds of Flickr photos to my Tumblr blog.  I accidentally hit the wrong button numerous times, and photos ended up on my Blog here.   I've been so busy with school for the past few months, that I ignored this blog.  Plus I have to confuse, I'm still very addicted to Tumblr.   I'm going to put all the photos I accidentally blogged her into one post.  Hopefully I can spend more time updating this blog now that I have time.

Pippy as he moves around the bathroom looking for a cool place to lay down.  Clone Kittehs
Lazy Day by Kathy V. Crabbe
Lazy Day, a photo by Kathy V. Crabbe on Flickr.
Silk Painting

Update on Bella by Debi's kids
Update on Bella, a photo by Debi's kids on Flickr.

Two of a Kind. by Anna Oates
Two of a Kind., a photo by Anna Oates on Flickr.

Kenta loves Shiro II by VeganWarrior
Kenta loves Shiro II, a photo by VeganWarrior on Flickr.
By Virginia García

Gatito by ·.Constanza Sepúlveda.!.·♠
Gatito, a photo by ·.Constanza Sepúlveda.!.·♠ on Flickr.

Mike Lawson

Garfield by Aura Madden
Garfield, a photo by Aura Madden on Flickr.

Spooky, Flying Space-Cat by Gail S
Spooky, Flying Space-Cat, a photo by Gail S on Flickr.

He's cute... by Shamey Jo
He's cute..., a photo by Shamey Jo on Flickr.

Little Beauty Jonnie by Shamey Jo
Little Beauty Jonnie, a photo by Shamey Jo on Flickr.

Sitting on the fence - 2 by Xerones
Sitting on the fence - 2
a photo by Xerones on Flickr.

kitchen cat by Muffet
kitchen cat, a photo by Muffet on Flickr.
"Frankly me dear, I do not give a damn."

dj sugar by Apogee Photography
dj sugar, a photo by Apogee Photography on Flickr.
I have many more Flickr kittehs on my Tumblr site at:  http://cybergata.tumblr.com/