08 January 2012

Kitteh Tattoos Part II

New Additions since my first entry of Kitteh Tattoos was first published:

Tattoo using a Gemma Correll illustration done by Aaron 
Hamilton of Aerochild in Birmingham, Alabama.

Artist Manny Lorenzana from La Dolorosa Tattoo Studio in L.A.

firma artística de El Relajado (para él mismo)


tattoo by Kid Kros, Croatia

Chris Carter at Ihearttattoo studios in Columbus, OH

Christopher Allen @ Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo, NY

"My cat is my best friend, and the most beautiful thing I have seen ever. 
Thought he deserved to be preserved in ink forever"

 Tattooed by David Tevenal 

Party Cat
Done by Millennium Tattoo in Newburgh by Ariel


Cosmic Cat Tattoo

This is Thomas’s tattoo of his cat Megan, that recently passed away. 
He had her for 15 years, and she was one of the most important things to him in his life. She died on Christmas, which is why she has a little Christmas light bulb as her tag. He got it done at The Studio in Newton, North Carolina, by Margret Moose.  (source)




Our Lady of Guadalupe Cat


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