27 March 2011

Tumbeasts - Tumblr Meme

 Tumbeasts came to life when Matthew Inman, author of  the web comic The Oatmeal, published the following on his blog entry titled Winter 2010, State Of the Web :
 Shortly after,  Inman's creation began to show up  whenever Tumblr went down. Since Tumblr was rapidly becoming popular, the  server just wasn't able to keep up with all the new traffic. This meant that the Tumbeasts were appearing much more often. 

Some Tumblrites reacted in the best way web crazies react by making parodies of the Tumbeasts. I'm always fascinated by, and even a bit envious of, the ingenious way people react toward their unhappiness with their favorite addition becoming unavailable.  Here are some of my favorites.






Three Games Created to Help One Pass the Time While Waiting for Tumblr to come Back Up.