20 March 2011

Garden Kittehs to Welcome in Springtime


She loves her garden and chipbark


Cat in Garden
Kitteh Meditating in the Garden

Backyard Garden Cat
Photo by Carl Wycoff

Cat Resting
Mancha Laying in Petals, Photo by Jay Woodworth

Cats groupie!
Kittehs in the Garden

garden june24 2009 057
Fuzzy Kitteh is Fuzzy, Photo by Frana Blaylock

Fresh site
Photo by Feliciano Guimarães

Smokey Cat
Smokey Cat

Rémy in the garden.
Rémy in the garden.

“A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.”

Cat Sculpture

new leaf

Sally, Photo by Pete Lewis


Afternoon light - Luz da tarde - 10


what does he see?

Adopted enemy - HFF
Kitteh Convention in the Grass

Litlle Puss in catalogue pose

Explore the orange world
Photo by Till Westermayer

Photo by Tim Duckett

Gato en el Jardín, foto de Juan G. Hurtado Pecino

2003-11-24 (13)
Photo by Dorene Boman

Los Gatos de Francisco 16

Cat, Flower & Metal

death to the flowers
“I’m in your garden, smushing down your flowers.”
Photo by Dave Campbell

crushing mom's plants
Crushin’ mom’s flowers, photo by Susan Adams

Shironeko Celebrating Spring 

Shironeko in a flower bed. 

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