18 March 2011

It's Friday! It's Black Friday! Or The Worst Song In The World!

 The first time I heard Rebecca Black's Friday video, I could believe how insipid the words were.  Yes, it has a catchy tune in what my generation knew as "bubblegum music."

Monty Python's Parody of Yummy, Yummy

I had long held the belief that  the 1910 Fruitgum Company's Yummy, Yummy, Yummy was the worst song ever, but comparing the lyrics and melody of Yummy, Yummy and Friday, I think we have a new Worst Song Ever.

The most amazing part of Friday is that it actually hit the 2 million download on iTunes.  The best part of Friday is all the parodies that have popped up on the interwebs.  Yes, she is only a 13 year old girl, but her parents paid a music company to make the video so she could put it up on the web.  Maybe they hoped she could become another Justin Bieber. What did they expect?  Justin Bieber is the brunt of plenty of Net jokes, and yet he is actually pretty talented.

Here are a couple of my favorite parodies of Friday.

This video shows how how total mediocrity can be turned into brilliance.

And of course, the photo-shopping crowd show their cleverness. 
Here are some of my favs. 

No Cereal for you!

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