29 December 2010

Cute Kitteh Video of The Day

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Meme Fun & Games - New Memes & Old Memes

It first appeared in Reedit as "First Neo, Now Morpheus!"  The Daly Wh.at picked up on and included the "Sad Laurence" exploitable in the article.   I don't know if it will go much further, but here is what I did with it:

"No Video Barbie, I won't sign your Cowboy Curtis Doll!" 

Memories of a happier time!

The Sad Morpheus Exploitable

Another Meme to show up recently is the Hugh Jackman Can Ride Anything! meme.  Seems like Hugh Jackman was injured right after his famous pose.  See Know Your Meme for more information and the exploitable Hugh Jackman Can Ride Anything.  I haven't had time to make any Hugh Jackman Can Ride Anything, but here are some I found around the web.

Tron is back on the screen and people have been "Tron Inspired."

Tron Buzz Lightyear 

Tron Guy 

Tron Cat

Tron Dude

Older Memes Revisited
PedoBear has a new hat offered by CatchKuma.  I had to get one for my plush PedoBear to wear.  I was inspired to put a PedoBear Hat on PedoBear.

Candy Van Piñata 

Haters Gonna Hate

Cats in Memes

Serious Cat Meets Soundgarden

Keep Calm & Carry On

I Made You a Cookie, But I Eated It

Cats meet Chatroulette and Catroulette is Born

Long Cat meets the Holidays

In Memory of the Dark Days When 
Tumblr Went Off-Line

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26 December 2010

QWOP, From Flash Game to Memedom

I've posted cats and New Mexico this month, so it is time for an Internet Meme. The most recent one that has caught my eye started out as a very difficult flash game know as QWOP because the player used the QWOP keys to move a runner along a race track.  Move is an understatement since a player is lucky to move their runner ahead at all.  This Flash game has been around since 2008, but all it took was someone to post a humorous YouTube video showing him failing to get people to start creating their own QWOP fun.


Some of my Favorite QWOP Creations



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