12 December 2010

Cool Cat Items on Etsy

StoryBook Design offers birdhouses already assembled 
or the directions to make your own kitteh birdhouse.

Cat Bowls from FireCat

Cat with Scarf Mug by Abby Berkson Ceramics


 Kitty Stationary & Buttons from Cathy Peng

VW Bus Cats Bookmarks by 

Orange Tabby Window Cat  

 Day of the Dead Kitty by Illustratedink

Pendent and Earrings by Susan Faye

Fat Cat Boy in Pajamas Fridge Magnet 

 Peace Kitty Necklace by Maya Gonzalez

Catbutt Earrings from Out of the Pink Sky

Sock Kitty from Super Sock Monkeys

 Cat Shawl pin by Chatnoir77

 Black Cat Headband

Ceramic Cat Dish

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