15 January 2011

Meme - 241543903, Around the World & Into the Future

It started in April 2009.  People caught the 241543903 fever sometime in 2010 and before long Flickr was full of photos of people with their heads in freezers.   Articles like those on URLesque helped the meme gain new popularity in 2011.  I finally got around to making my own 241543903, and wanted to share it and some of my favorites.  More on the 241543903 meme can be found on Know Your Meme, as well as putting "241543903" in a Google or Flikr search.

Keanu & Me with PedoBear Hat

Toni Castillo Quero of Córdoba, España

Guilherme Appolinário,  Brazil 

Valencia, España

Jeff in the U.S.A.

Lily, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A

Javier B. Camacho Martinez, Puebla, Mexico

Jorge, Glasgow, Scotland

Elliot Etherington





Freezer Cat


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1 comment:

Nils said...

I'm Nils Engvall. The guy with the guitar in his hands and his head in the freezer. I would like it if you would be so kind to remove the picture of me from your blog. Thank you very much.

// Nils