29 January 2011

Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy, Jason Bour-illa Soft Serve, Newest Meme of 2011

It started out on the Washing Post 

The Washington Post called Jason Bourn-illa Soft Serve, until they found out his name was Zach Burroughs. Then BuzzFeed got a hold of this photo . . .

. . . and the photoshopping mania began.  Posters on BuzzFeed renamed him The Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy.   A D.C. local newstation added their own Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy photos.  Zach just wanted an Ice Cream-Cone, and before he knew it, he was an Internet Sensation as well as the first meme of 2011.

The Washington Post tracked him down and Interviewed him:

The Washington Post: Next question. "Are you a time-traveling tourist from a place where global warming has made January a month hot enough to wear that outfit and want ice cream, or are you from the southern hemisphere where it's summer now?"

Zach Burroughs: I'm just from around the area. But you might see me next summer with my heavy coat on and a hot chocolate.

Zach says "The Snow Identity" is his favorite.

More great Thundersnow Ice Cream Guy can be found on Reddit.

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Anonymous said...

The Post brought him back!