02 February 2011

Latest Keyboard Cat - Exit Through The Pet Shop

KeyBoard Cat is back in a new film titled Exit Through The Pet Shop.  In this film we follow the night time exploits of graffiti artist "extraordinaire", Bento a.k.a. KeyBoard Cat II, as he leaves his mark on the walls in the darken alleys.   So touched by Bento's need to create as shown in Exit Through the Pet Shop, film maker Jaimie d’Cruz made his own film about famed U.K. Graffiti Artist Banksy tiled Exit Through The Gift Shop.  Here is the tailer for Exit Through The Pet Shop.

 These are a couple of my favorite new paintings of KeyBoard cat.  See moar new paintings of our favorite Maestro & Artiste on the Film's Website. 

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yasmine said...

just wanted to say, i've been a follower of your tumblr blog, and it's awesome!