26 February 2011

Boxes, The Original Kitteh Forts

Master of the Fortress
Louis Sits Guarding his double decker cat fort.

Double cats in the fortress

kitten fortress rules!

Fortress from above
The Cat Fort From Above

Caja y relleno
Some Cat Forts are Pretty Fancy

I love my box
Generally all a cat needs is any old box
to make it his cat fort.
I often wondered why cats love boxes so much.

Lolo encajado
Of course boxes are good hiding places, and kittehs love to stay hidden.
Mews in a box!

Cat in a box

Kitty in a box

Cat in a box

And they are nice cozy paces to sleep in.
Box Napping

Cardboard Boxes = Security
"Oh my box is so comforting I can't help but doze off."

Aquí hay gato encerrado

Boxed cat

Gizmo in tha box
Gizmo in tha box
I've considered that maybe lots of cats were born . . .

box o kittens
. . . in boxes . . .
Thinking out of the box
and spent their kittenhood there, so boxes are
security blankies to some.

Fort play
The size of the box doesn't deter a cat from
making it into a cat fort .
Oscar amongst the pigeons
As long as they can squeeze in, the box
become the perfect Kitteh Fort
Camille en caja

I like boxes

I'm practically invisible!

Kittehs love Amazon.com because it provides them
with plenty of kitty forts.
new lens out of the box, young cat into the box


Flynn Love Boxes
I don't know what it is exactly. . .

about boxes, but . . .
cypher - box kitty - nosey
these kittehs look very happy
Sikth sigue en su caja
making them into their own . . .
personal kitteh fort.
Box Cat

Anouk and Celeste in a box
Unhappiness can ensure when little sister
wants to share the kitteh Fort.

Cats, box
Or playfulness accompanies two kittehs and their kitteh fort.
Let me try going in from the other side.

Just in case you missed my earlier post of this,
here is the Extreme & Most Excellent Kitteh fort.

 And another one I added on June 11, 2011 - Source

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