12 April 2011

Bussiness Cat IRL

1954 Karlsson Cat Levitator

1954 Karlsson Cat Levitator

Cats love anti gravity. I bet you didn't know that. This device was invented by Swedish immigrant Per Karlsson in the early 50s, and a small series was produced in Wellington for a while. But people didn't go for it as much as Karlsson had hoped; maybe because they didn't fancy having the cat hover around too much. In case you're wondering what the little cap with the "antlers" is the cat is wearing on its head, it's the mind reader. The cat steers the machine with her thoughts, because, how else would she.

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady by Kevin H.
Crazy Cat Lady, a photo by Kevin H. on Flickr.

An odd building in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The Bad Boys

The Bad Boys by Muffet
The Bad Boys, a photo by Muffet on Flickr.

Lucky's friends were a bad influence.

02 April 2011

Friday Meets the Meme Bus

Why didn't I think of this? I originally made the Meme Bus, and I wish I had thought of adding Rebecca Black to the Bus. I found this on tumblr via 9GaG I think the answer to her question is obvious. She should sit right next to PedoBear.

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