20 February 2011

Meme Kittehs - Business Cat or is that Bizness Kitteh & Cat Fort

Business Cat has been one of the newest memes of 2011. It started out as a photo on Reedit/Imgur.

 Immediately Business Cat shows up on memegenerator with an entirely different background.  I have to admit, I've never been a fan of Meme Generator.  It seems like they are more into manufacturing memes rather than letting them just happen.  Since my boss is a Black Cat, who is very much like Business Cat, I can't resist him.  Here are some of my favorite Bizness Kittehs.  

Make you own!

Some Other Bizness Kittehs on the Web

Quinn, A Business Cat
Bizness Kittehs by Amy Beth Payne on Flickr
Lucas Mandrake, A Business Cat
Amy Beth Payne has an entire Series of 
Business Cat Paintings on Flickr,
plus you can find most cats
 paintings on her Website.

 By Rochelle

Kittehs Fight Back With Cat Fort

Fidel Catstro 

General Meow

Thanx to the crazy folks at Reddit for DogFort and CatFort:
A Really Cool Real Cat Fort

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