11 December 2011

Best Internet Memes of 2011

2011 was a great year for Internet Memes.  Here is a list of my favorite internet memes for this past year. Since I usually blog about cats, I'll begin my list with cat memes.

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat has probably been the most popular Internet Meme this year, and it is still going strong.   He showed up incarnated into every nationality possibly, and the fan art has been inspired.  Nyan cat was a favorite Halloween costume, and showed up on t-shirts and other apparel.


Business Cat

Chemistry Cat


The Most Interesting Cat In the World

Toll Cats


E-Harmony Video

Lenin Cat

Zuckerberg Note Pass

Kitten Covers

Anti-Zombie Fortress
It all began on REDDIT.

Futurama Fry


 Horrifying House-guest


Spoofing "The Rapture"

Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat


 Awesome Alison Planking at Mesa Verde


X all the Y


Pepper Spray Cop

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03 December 2011

The Essential Internet Cats of 2011

It is that time of year again to look back at the Internet Cats that amused and amazed us this past year on the Internet.

Kitten in Hamster Ball

Spider Cat
Spider Cat was uploaded to YouTube on Dec 24, 2010, yet it it was in 2011 that it went viral. It marks a major new trend, that of cute cat videos coming to us from Russian cat lovers.


 Jimmy, the Thumbs Up Cat

Barking Cat, Another Viral Russian Cat Video

Bully Cat

Cat mom hugs baby kitten


Two-Faced Cat

2 Faced Kitty Fan Art

Cat, Dolphins Play Together

Kitten in Slow Motion

Cats with Thumbs

Oskar the Blind Kitten


Jack The Cat


Larry, the Downing Street Cat
Larry the Cat is the Darling of Dowing Street. He was brought in the house hold as a mouser, but proved to be more interested in being a pampered house cat than a working mouser. Larry makes me miss the days when the U.S. had a first cat, Socks.


 Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat Home Page
Simon's Cat on YouTube
Simon's Cat on FaceBook and Twitter
Simon's Cat: The Daily Mirror cartoon strip
Simon's Cat on Amazon.com

Cat versus Human
Cat versus Human constantly tells the story of every cat lover's life.  This was the year that Cat Versus Human's first book was published.
Licky Legs

Force Cuddling

Cat Versus Human's Blog
Cat Versus Human on Tumblr
Cat Versus Human on Twitter
Cat Versus Human on Facebook
Cat Versus Human on Flickr

The Bob Cats from the Oatmeal

When the tsunami hit Japan, the online world was shaken by the devastating videos of destruction and loss in Japan. There also were people all over the world searching for news about both Maru and Shironeko. Both are beloved Japanese cats with large followings on the web. Maru and Shironeko were both internet superstars for the year 2011. 


Photo that let us know Maru was safe during the Tsunami


Tumblr Cats
Anyone who frequents Tumblr knows that cats rule on Tumblr.  There are numerous blog dedicated to just cats.  On Saturday, even blog that aren't concerned with cats feel obligated to find a cat pic to celebrate Caturday.

Tumblr is often show as a girl with a cat.

My own Tumblr Cat

When 4Chan Invaded Tumblr, he realized he 
needed to bring cats to get Tumblr's attention.

My Essential Internet Cats of 2010
My Favorite Memes of 2011