26 August 2017

More Twin Peaks Cats

This is a collection of cat posts from FaceBook group Twin Peaks CatPosting.  The ones I didn't make are credited to the person who posted (or created) the photo. If I used a members cat, I'll give the member's name.

Credit:  Amanda Flaig

From April Oelwein 

The Evil of Men by April Oelwein

Doug McCauslend's kitty, Mr. Jackpot, cheering the casino lady on.

The Homecoming Queen starring Cynthia Mella's cat Pookie

Isabella Fortin's Cat waiting for a damn fine cup of coffee.

Simon Ramshaw's Cat has fallen in love with Jane-E

Monte (April Oelwein) Keeping Ed Company

"Always Been Cool" James Hurley with a new kitten friend. 

Maude as Señorita Dibo
(Reanna Matronic & James Lott)

The kitties came to play with Sonny-Jim on his new gym set.

Martina Reichert's Cat with the Log Lady.

Long Cat 

Maude (Reanna Matronic & James Lott)

Created  by Rob Weeks 

Another on from Rob Weeks that I wish I had done

. . . and another.

Wally Brando at the Roadhouse after hours

My kitty Tiguex

Señorita Dibo and her cat

No kitty, don't go into the Vortex

 The Coffee Guy finds it easier to just carry Dougie Coop from place to place.

Lucy the Receptionist

The three incarnations of  Phillip Jeffries

 The Pale White Cat

Photo on Laura Palmer's Wall in TP:FWM

Kitty Dreams of Golden Balls

"I'll East You"

One of my first attempts to use GIMP

Tammy, Albert and the under appreciated  FBI agent Cyndy Lou Kitten.  The FBI had been watching her ever since she first learned to use the litter box.

Free all the lodge kitties

The Jones family waiting for Dougie to come back to them.

Gordon Welcomes Special Agent FBI Cat to the Blue Rose Task Force
Shironeko's Dance

Audrey's Dance