16 August 2017

Twin Peaks Cat Characters

 It started on Twin Peaks Cat Posting on FaceBook when Tricia Bogumill and I decided we needed to find 
cats to be the characters on Twin Peaks.  Unless noted
 with photo, I found, paired or altered photos.

Agent Dale Cat Cooper

Evil Cat Cooper

Laura Kitty Palmer (from Jamie Silva)

The Log Cat (thanks to Sarah Robson)

BobCat by Sarah Robson

Three Armed Kitten
 and "the Arm"
with the help of Sarah Robson

Audrey Kitten

Norma Cat and Shelly Kitten

Ben Horne Cat from Coral Davis

Nadine and Hurley Cats (from Tricia Bogumill)

The Waiter Cat

Maddy Fergunson Kitten

(from Mattia Rovere)

Albert Cat
Thanks to Tricia Bogumill

James Purrrrley Cat

Doc Jacoby Cat

Hawk Lynx 

Dale Cooper Cat staring David Yolmeh's Cat Gabi

Jerry Cat

Phillip Jefferies Cat

Sad Bobby Cat

Sarah Palmer Cat

Jade Cat

DougieCoop and Janey-E Jones Cats

Sonny-James Jones Kitten

Becky Kitten

Diane Cat

Frank Truman Lion

Charlie Cat

Audrey Horne Cat

Carl Cat

Tammy Cat

William Hastings Sad Cat

Richard Horne Kitten (idea by Tricia Bogumill)

Miriam Sullivan

Señorita Dibo Cat

"Got a Light" Cat

French Kitten (from Tricia Bogumill)

DougieCoop Cat giving a back rub to
Anthony Sullivan Cat

Freddie Sykes Cat and his "green glove"

The Mitchum Bro Cats

Candie Kitten (from Tricia Bogumill)

Naido Cat is Very Important

The Firecat

As guest Pianist, Nora

Gordon Cole Cat

Young Denise Cat

Bushnell "Battling Tabby" Mullins

Ed and Norma Cats

Gordon Cole Cat (starring Shironeko)

Screaming Kitty on the Dance Floor

Duncan Todd Cat

Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries - The Early Years'

Chantal and Gary “Hutch” Hutchens 

Constance Talbot

Collage of Cat Character by Tricia Bogumill

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