29 January 2011

Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy, Jason Bour-illa Soft Serve, Newest Meme of 2011

It started out on the Washing Post 

The Washington Post called Jason Bourn-illa Soft Serve, until they found out his name was Zach Burroughs. Then BuzzFeed got a hold of this photo . . .

. . . and the photoshopping mania began.  Posters on BuzzFeed renamed him The Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy.   A D.C. local newstation added their own Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy photos.  Zach just wanted an Ice Cream-Cone, and before he knew it, he was an Internet Sensation as well as the first meme of 2011.

The Washington Post tracked him down and Interviewed him:

The Washington Post: Next question. "Are you a time-traveling tourist from a place where global warming has made January a month hot enough to wear that outfit and want ice cream, or are you from the southern hemisphere where it's summer now?"

Zach Burroughs: I'm just from around the area. But you might see me next summer with my heavy coat on and a hot chocolate.

Zach says "The Snow Identity" is his favorite.

More great Thundersnow Ice Cream Guy can be found on Reddit.

23 January 2011

Kittehs Helping Make Quilts

I use to make quilts every summer, then I got cats.  My first two cats, Tigre and Dulce, learned to help by just laying quietly as I work on the floor putting all pieces together.  It was my third cat, Tesuque, whose help was rushing and sliding into all the pieces and causing general havoc.  I guess part of it was my fault.  I loved him so much that I didn't stop his antics as I had with Tigre and Dulce.  

Tigre and Dulce Sleeping on One of the Quilts I Made 

Tesuque Diverting My Attention Away From Quilting

All three cats and the quilts are only memories now, but my love of quilts is still with me.  I was looking through Flickr at "cats on quilts," and most of the photos were of cats plopped down quilts in progress.  Here are some photos of cats helping their humans make quilts.

Mango and Sushi relax on my work in progress
Mango & Sushi Helping Alice
Partners in crime.

Inspection Time  (#2992)
Helping Carol Inspect the Quilt in Progress

Odin loooooves it!
Odin Helping Emily

Ozzy Helping Dory

Blue Clear Sky
Abby Makes Sure the Quilt is Comfy
Blue Clear Sky

This drives me insane!
Now what is it Mommy is Covering Up?

"You were working?"
"The quilt is mine puny human"

You may bind it when I wake up
Just Making Sure Amy's Quilt Has Enough Cat Hairs On It

February 21 2009
Rollie Is Testing The Comfort Of The Quilt in Progress

Yoda Helping Anodyne
Professional Quilt Model

Quilt Fort

Mel - 285/365
Pickles Helping Mechki

This quilt in progress is approved by Olias
Olias Approves

This Quilt Is Mine!  (#3173)
"This Quilt Is Mine!"

bento box
Quilt testing by Petra
belle quilt - and petra

Dinosaur Baby Quilt
"I know this quilt is for the baby, but aren't I the Baby?"

Tackett helping me quilt
Tackett Helping Jennifer

quilt in progress + Niko
Niko Inspects the Stitching.

While Mom Quilts  (#3045)
Carol's cats are too busy snoozing to help much.

lazy quilting partner
"Let me help you stretch the pieces."

Bad Cat
Ivy Disagrees with the Quilt Pattern

Skittles laying in basket of quilt fabrics
Skittles Busy Testing the Quality of the Quilt Fabric

Rocket on the Dragon Quilt
Rocket Shares Quilt Testing Duties With 3 Other Cats

spock on quilt
Spock Insists that He Needs More Time Testing Anne's Creation

Cat Hair 2
Pico Testing Cassie's Newly Finished Quilt

Cats on a Quilt
"We Want To Help."

cat quilt
"Oh, Are You Looking For This?"


It's not easy quilting with a cat
"Don't You think it looks better now?"

Afternoon Nap on the Bowtie Quilt
"We Approve!"

Howard erm, sheds on the Quilt
"What art quilt would be complete without a smattering cat hair?"

Broo On Quilt
"You can have the quilt back to work on after I've had my nap."

Moar Cat Quilts