30 September 2010

28 September 2010

Daily Hello Kitty Kraziness - Joseph Senior's Pop Culture Hello Kitties

Joseph Senior's Pop Culture Hello Kitties are the newest darlings of the Internet. It has three things we all love, Cats, Hello Kitty and Icons of Pop Culture such as Spiderman or Star Trek. I ran into them by accident while browsing through Flickr photos tagged "Hello Kitty." Joseph added some new ones today, including Kiss Kitties. Here are a few of my favorite.

Hello Kissy Gene

Hello Kill Bill - The Bride

Hello Flash

Hello Buster Kitty

Hello Spidey

Hello Lucky Kitty

Hello Spock Kitty

There are more HelloKittyKrazy Pop Culture Kitties to be see on Joseph Senior's Flickr PhotoStream.

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First Look at the Coen Brothers' Upcoming Flix, True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges

I never was a fan of the original movie because I just wasn't that fond of John Wayne. It is another thing when it comes to the Cohen Brothers. I have yet to see a Cohen Brothers movie that I didn't love. The are masters at telling a story and the story they tell is masterfully filmed. Also, I don't care what the movie is, if Jeff Bridges is in it, I'm watching it. I loved him since The Last Picture Show, and have been thrilled to see Jeff grow into one of the great actors of my generation. I'll be looking forward to seeing True Grit before the year ends.

Update on My Cats

My blog is always full of cats.  So is my home life.  At the present we have three inside/backyard cats and five feral cats that we watch over.  Since we have cat-proofed the backyard to ensure our cats stay in, our insides cats and feral cats can only interact through the front screen door.

Nambe & Juan, two of Sophie's Boys
Nambe is Pojaoque's Twin Brother

My husband and I started out with five cats, three that were my cats who basically decided that I was going to become a crazy cat lady & moved in with me. They were all older cats when my husband brought his two pampered, younger girls into the pride.  The years have passed, and we only have Cassie, one of Jim's girls, left of that pride.  Since, Pojaoque & Laguna have brought their youthful kitteh energy into our home.

Pojaoque, on a Lease in the Grass

Out of our five original feral cats, we lost two of the girls, Ildy and Clara.  In return, we have had two new boys join Sophie's Pride.  Tigger, or as I prefer to call him Tigre Secundo since I had a cat once named Tigre,  was left in the neighborhood by someone who I don't think every touched or interacted with him.  Tigger won't let either of us get very close, but he has integrated himself into Sophie's Pride.  Nambe, Juan and Sophie all allow him to be part of their tight-knit group.  When any of Sophie's pride eats on our porch, Tigger is right there along side of them.

Tigger a.k.a. Tigre Secundo

Laguna in the Backyard Tree

We call the second cat that showed up Guero since he is very blond.  He is a feral cat that was taken in to the feral cat clinic, just as we took in our original five.  I can tell because he has been neutered and has one of his ears clipped like our other feral cats.  He is a very sweet and gentle cat.  He recognizes me, but like all the other feral cats, only allows me to come within about five feet of himself.  He hasn't joined Sophie's pride.  When he visits the cat bowl on my porch, he comes by himself.

Sophie, mother of Juan, Nambe and Pojaoque

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Photoshop Kittehs of the Day

I fell in love with this photo because it reminds me of a couple of our feral kittehs, Sophia and Nambe. This past summer we have had raccoons visiting the cat food dish we have out for our feral cats. It has been a lot of fun seeing the raccoons, but we didn't think it was wise to have them get dependent on us for dinner. We started putting out cat food only during the day time. I miss seeing the coons, but the good thing about it is that in the morning, at least four of the feral cats are on the porch waiting for us to bring on the chow.

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AWESOME Video - Leo Strut - Strutting Leo

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26 September 2010

Real Life LongCats

the world's longest cat, basking in the sun :)
Nayo LongCat, Photo By Ritsu Watanabe

long cat
Photo By Sandy Schultz

Long cat nap!!
Photo By Judy & Rick Kylmaia

Long Tall Tommy
Tommy LongCat, Photo By Christian Leyk

Long - Cat

longcat froze

Long Cat!
LongCat PaperCraft

Long Cat

steve wants a belly rub
Steve LongCat

Photo By horbjørn Kühl

Long Cat
The Original LongCat Reached Above the Clouds


25 September 2010

Kitteh Paper Craft

Dog Graffiti Around the World

Etor the dog
Photo By José Luís Martínez, San Juan, Spain

pink funny hair cut dog
Photo By Michael Young

Photo By Robbie Sproule, 
West Montreal, Canada

Kayota graffiti
South Bank, London, England

Photo By Aura Beckhofer-Fialho,
Lisbon, Portugal

Graffiti behind Carphone Warehouse, Gl. Rd (detail)
Photo By Dan Brickley

Nøstet Graffiti 28 May 2010
Bergen, Norway

graffiti dog
Warsaw, Poland

bcn graffiti, dmc dog
Barcelona, Spain

Graffiti Sausage Dog Angel
London, England

dogs graffiti, Tàrrega
Tàrrega, España

Graffiti Dog
Photo By Adrian Scottow

Graffiti Dog
Bristol, England

Dog and Trash Can
Photo By Rachel Nabors, Richmond, Virginia

laneway graffiti
Melbourne, Australia

kate, teddy n dog
Ruckerlber, Graz, Austria

Dog Graffiti

Great Graffiti
Photo by Martín Granados, Puebla, México

More Graffiti: