19 September 2010

Kitteh Pirates for Talk Like A Pirate Day or Pissed Off Cats Wearing Pirate Hats

Pirate Tabby Cat
Photo and Artwork by Caroline St. Clair

Photo By Kevin Collins

Captain Red-Tail the Fearsome Cat Pirate
Photo & Pin Cushion by fatcatcrafts

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Photo by Sister72, a.k.a. Jackie

Cat Pirate and Ship


Photo By April J. Gazmen


Gatos del caribe | Caribbean Cats
Graphic By Ana Rois Ortiz

cat pirate
Photo By Barbara Wells

Trick-Or-Treat pirate
Photo By Tara Teach

Bowie pirate

Pirate patch
Graffiti in Melbourne, Australia

Pirate Jack
Photo and Graphic By Christine Benjamin

Bobi pirate

The Pirate..
Photo & Drawing by Jonathan Katz

Pirate kitty
Photos Above & Below By Brandy Lee
Pirate kitty

The Adventures of Captain Mango, the pirate cat, and his first mate, Zoobie!
Photo By Bob Burnham & the Graphic
by his Daughter Abby


Pirate Kitty

Pirate Peg
Photo By Adam Wright

Mr Whiskers - Ship's Cat
Photo and Graphic By Paul Stratton

Nicola cat 2

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