05 September 2010

Another Cybergata & Chi's Sweet Home

Rummaging around all the fun graphic files on Tublr I came across a kitty typing on a keyboard. My thoughts, "Oh my, it is another Cybergata!" I was curious about the origin of the file, and after carefully searching the web, I found that this Cybergata is named Chi and has an Anime series called Chi's Sweet Home.

The series is about a kitten who gets separated from it's feline family only to find a new family, the Yamada family. Both Chi and the Yamada family learn how to raise each other despite the fact that the Yamada family must hide Chi from the Land Lady. No cats are allowed in their apartment complex. I watched half the videos and decided I have to share Chi's Sweet Home with anyone who passes this way. Here are the first two episodes with English Subtitles.

Watch 104 episodes on YouTube

Or you can find all 104 Episodes of Chi's Sweet Home with English subtitles can be found on WatchAnime.com. Make sure to turn the ads off so they don't hide the subtitles. It seems that Chi's Sweet Home has been translated into many languages. There is a site with all the episode in Español for those who prefer Spanish.

Link for Graphic:
Chi Graphix

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