04 September 2010

Cat Graffiti - Kitteh Street Art from Around the World

Spaceinvader Cat
Berlin, Germany

Catalepsia Miscigenada

Río de Janeiro, Brazil

Blue Cat - Lilyfield street art
Lilyfield, Wales

Graffiti Monsieur Chat sur un mur à Paris
Paris, France

Graffiti de gatos
Santiago, Chile

Monsieur Chat
Nantes, France

Jena, Thuringia, Germany

happy meow
Tokyo, Japan

Love cat
Moscow, Russia

Santiago, Chile

London, England

Vous êies ici cour Ste Croix de la Bretonnerie
Paris, France

Surianii kitty joins Jef Aerosol: London street art
London, England

Hey cat!
Houston, Texas, U.S.

Spray-painted Street Art in Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Painted cats

Cats on a row
Brussels, Belgium

Vienna, Austria

Low down dirty cat
Berlin, Germany

Les chats de C215 @ Paris - Cats by C215
Paris, France

Cool Cat
Brooklyn, NYC, New York, U.S.

Graf valparaiso black cat
Valparaiso, Chile

Melbourne, Australia

scary, but realistic cat
Brooklyn, NYC, New York, U.S.

Cat Graffiti in Almada
Almada, Portugal

Banksy Cat Liverpool Street Art
Liverpool, England

More Graffiti:


Dr Chewbacca said...

Nice collection of cats graffitis from around the world!

cybergata said...

Thanx Dr. Chewbacca. I really enjoyed searching for them. There are lots of cat lovers in this world, I'm pleased to note.

mattismyname said...

That is an amazing collection! How did you manage to find all of those pictures?

cybergata said...

I love to search through Flickr for interesting photos. I ran into some cat graffiti while searching and wanted to find more. I found so much, I needed to post a part 2. Anytime I find cool stuff on the web, I want to share it. Plus the photographers deserve to have the work be viewed by a larger audience.