26 September 2010

Real Life LongCats

Boris is a long cat.
Boris LongCat, Photo By Ollie Crafoord

the world's longest cat, basking in the sun :)
Nayo LongCat, Photo By Ritsu Watanabe

long cat
Photo By Sandy Schultz

Long cat nap!!
Photo By Judy & Rick Kylmaia

Long Tall Tommy
Tommy LongCat, Photo By Christian Leyk

Long - Cat

longcat froze

Long Cat!
LongCat PaperCraft

Long Cat

steve wants a belly rub
Steve LongCat

Photo By horbjørn Kühl

Extreme (vintage) LongCat circa 1988

Long Cat is Long
Trevor LongCat, Photo By Lana Elise Lea

Long Cat
The Original LongCat Reached Above the Clouds


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