31 August 2010

Daily Happy Kitteh


You Lookin' At Me?
Photos by Andy Herd

There is a new Meme Strutting Its Way Onto the Internet

Move over SadKeanu.  Move aside PrancingCera.  There is a new meme strutting its way into Memedom.  StruttingLeo looks confident that he can gain the popularity that PrancingCera and SadKeanu have enjoyed.  There is a new website, FuckYeahStruttingLeo,  dedicated to him as well.

I added StruttingLeo to my other
2 Memes I made into one photo.
Another one I made

Badger, Badger, SNAKE, Badger, Badger, mushroom, mushroom, LEO, LEO, STRUTTING, STRUTTING

Here is an exploitable StruttingLeo
if you want to make your own compilation:

Check out the wonderful Strutting Leo creations by people on Buzzfeed.

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29 August 2010

The Earliest Internet Memes

On the Web Site, Know Your Meme, I proposed that the earliest Internet Meme possibly started in 1982 when graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science grad students, Mike Kazar, David Nichols, John Zsarnay, and Ivor Durham, connected the CMU Coke machine up to the Internet. They wanted to be able to check the machine for cold Cokes before they run up and down stairs only to find an empty machine.

As time went by, more and more soda and coffee machines were hooked into the Net.  When I first got hooked into the net in the early 1990s, I heard about the soda machines connected to the net and Telnetted into various University's computers to check for myself.  These machines were already legendary, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one checking on their Coke Machine Status.

It seems as if the Internet Memes time line on dipity agrees with me. The first two entries are William Gibson's book, Cyberspace, which is a name that people adopted for the Internet; and The CMU Internet Coke Machine. Also the same year, the time line claims that the First Emoticon :-) was created on Sep. 19. The smilie meme also came from Carnegie Mellon University. Scott E Fhlman claims credit for the First Smilie.

The Internet was slower in those days, plus there were fewer Netizens. The best way to get on the Net at the time was via a University, and I was lucky that my school system hooked into UNM's internet. Memes spread a little slower than the lightening fast viral memes of today, but nonetheless, once people were congregating on line, silliness was bound to ensue. More Links about this topic:

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Yoda Head Cake

This amazing Yoda Head Cake was made by user tchitwood on the instructables website. There are more photos on this website.

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Lola the Trash Can Kitty Survived & Will Become an Internet Meme

Happy Ending for Trash Can Kitty, Lola

FaceBook Groups for Lola:
Justice for Lola the Cat
I bet LOLA the cat can get more fans then MARY BALE

And some of the best Cat Revenge Photos from Justice for Lola the Cat:

Boing, Boing Link: Cat-trashing lady outed by Internet in less than 24 hours

More Creative PrancingCeras

Prancing Michaels

The Original Photo of Prancing Michael Cere was taken by Edgar Wright, 22nd August, 2010 | Haugesund, Norway

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Serious Cat People Make a Serious Cat House

The Cat House Home Page

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28 August 2010

Pretty Kittehs of the Day

I see a Pretty Kitty ツ
Photo by Trish Hamme

Moomin and Panda
Moomin and Panda, Photo by Alison Oddy

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Prancing Cera: Virus or Meme?

Sudden Prancing Michael Ceras were everywhere on the Net.  It spread so fast that it almost immediately made it into the Know Your Meme Database. Here are some of my favorite Prancing Ceras and links for more.


I made the following photos for BuzzFeed

Laser Cat Does Not Like Prancing Cera in his Space

Fake Guitars are chasing Cera

Badger, badger, PrancingCera

Prancing on the Moon

Lonely Lunch Keanu
holding Prancing Cere

This is one I made for Buzzfeed 
for ways to destroy fake guitars.

Meme of the Week: Prancing Michael Cera
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PrancingCera from scottpilgrim.ning.com
The 20 Best Prancing Michael Cera Images from Urlesque

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