07 August 2010

All These August 2010 Posts & Bye to BuzzFeed

This summer I was not only addicted to FaceBook, but I got hooked on BuzzFeed. I quickly started to post replies & then my own BuzzFeed pages. I found myself being just like a little kid, excited about getting stars and badges from the BuzzFeed powers that be. In fact a little too excited. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was beginning to be a Pavlovian Dog wagging my tail for the coveted BuzzFeed front place placing.

When posts I'd posted were passed up for similar ones posted hours later, I saw a side of myself I thought no longer existed. I was angry. I've spent years learning not to let things as petty as this get to me, and I didn't like myself. I had a great time, and I'm reposting things I liked that I did for BuzzFeed here. I'm just not going to post in BuzzFeed henceforce, both because I don't like their Front Page placing policies & because I don't like the person I became due to these polities.

I can't promise that I won't read BuzzFeed or click on the OMG or WTF boxes. I still love BuzzFeed as a fun place to find silliness on the Web. Here are links to some of my favorite fun on BuzzFeed:

The Ultimate Collection of Baby Fennec Fox Pictures

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39 Unusual Motorcycles

75 Awesome Watermelon Carvings

The Ultimate Collection of Baby Anteater Pictures

Baby Tapirs

Just About Anything TurtleFeed posts

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