08 August 2010

Four of My Favorite Internet Memes & their SubMemes

  1. LOLCat and the various Meme Cats that grew out of LOLCats.  At first, I tried to avoid the LOLCats weary of falling under the spell.  I not only succumbed to their strong powers, but I now wear the many Icanhazcheezeburger.com shirts of the day. I also have LOLCat pictures on the inside of my door and on the side of my file cabinet at school.  The LOLCats on the door are a great lure to bring stray kids into my classroom. I have more information about Cat Meme on one of my Cat Linx pages on my Website. Here are some of my favorite LOLCat Meme Cats.

    Happy Cat

    Taco Cat

    Monorail Cat


    Ceiling Cat

    Pew, Pew, Pew!

    Serious Cat is Serious

    Long Cat is so Long He Needs Multiple Monitors

  2. RickRoll - RickRoll is to send a person to a video expecting to find something and ending up finding Rick Astley's 1987 video, Never Gonna Give You Up. I must admit, I love the video & am always delighted to be RickRolled. Don't be surprised if you get RickRolled on FaceBook's new Questions feature. They have certain questions set to RickRoll.

  3. SadKeanu / Keanu is Sad & Lonely Lunch Keanu. SadKeanu hit the Web in June 2010 and spread like a virus. Netizens couldn't get enough of SadKeanu and Photoshoppers couldn't stop making new SadKeanus. The next month Lonely Lunch Keanu made an appearance. SadKeanu is a tumblr site that help feed this Meme mania. Here are some of my favorite SadKeanus.

    There is nothing better than a meme within another meme (Crasher Squirrel)

    SadKeanu Protests the Vietnam War

    SadKeanu Stairway to Heaven


    I even made more than a few SadKeanu pics myself. Here are two that I made for a couple of FaceBook friends.

    Lake the Skateboard Master

    Tom & the WeinerMobile

  4. Crasher Squirrel originally popped in as a photo bomber in a photo taken by Melissa Brandts in Baniff. It showed on the WWW via a National Geography "photo of the day." It didn't take long for our crasher squirrel to pop up in photos all over the Web. Here are some of the Crasher Squirrel photobombs that I made for FaceBook Friends.

    My Husband at the Grand Canyon

    I added some extra Memes to Philip's Photo

    More Skateboard Master Lake

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