28 August 2010

Prancing Cera: Virus or Meme?

Sudden Prancing Michael Ceras were everywhere on the Net.  It spread so fast that it almost immediately made it into the Know Your Meme Database. Here are some of my favorite Prancing Ceras and links for more.


I made the following photos for BuzzFeed

Laser Cat Does Not Like Prancing Cera in his Space

Fake Guitars are chasing Cera

Badger, badger, PrancingCera

Prancing on the Moon

Lonely Lunch Keanu
holding Prancing Cere

This is one I made for Buzzfeed 
for ways to destroy fake guitars.

Meme of the Week: Prancing Michael Cera
Fuck Yeah Prancing Cera on Tumblr
PrancingCera defined in the Urban Dictionary
PrancingCera on Know Your Meme
What’s Michael Cera Running Away From? on BuzzFeed
PrancingCera: Best Of! on BuzzFeed
PrancingCera from scottpilgrim.ning.com
The 20 Best Prancing Michael Cera Images from Urlesque

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