22 August 2010

More Beautiful Photos Found on Flickr - The Sandia Mountains

Sandia Mountains
Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, N.M., photo by Steven Harris

Sandia 1
In the Sandia Mountains, Photo by S.Grubb

Moon Rise over the Sandia Mountains, Photo by Randie Bailey

Sandia Composite
Sunset on the Sandia Mountains in the Winter, Photo by Kevin Eddy

Mountains at Sandia Peak
Ridge on the Sandia Mountains, Photo by Tilly Dog Fauxtografix

Sandia Mountains
One of the many faces of the Sandia Mountains, Photo by Mike Pedroncelli

New Mexico
Winter on the Crest of the Sandia Mountains, Photo by Pat Doyle

Photo that I took of the Sandia from the Road to Placitas

Another Photo I took, this time from the parking lot of the Sandia Casino

I took this phot about six years ago & now the area is covered with new homes.

I took this photo on the Crest near the Tram

For more information and photos on the Sandia Mountains, visit my Sandia Mountains Website.

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Swisstoons said...

Brings back memories. I was stationed at Sandia Base for a year and a half a few decades ago. thanks!

Swisstoons said...

Wow! I've only now read your "About." Amazing that you can trace your family back so far!