07 August 2010

Cat Versus Human - A Wonderful New Blog

The first time I became aware of Yasmine's cat cartoons was when Kitty Nighmares showed up on BuzzFeed. I've never had this nightmare, yet I've thought about dying and my cats eating me because no one was giving them cat food. It isn't a nightmare actually because I'd gladly give my dead flesh to my kitties's survival. Yasmine has posted quite a few of her toons on Cat Versus Humans, and anyone who lives with cats will enjoy her quirky sense of humor.

From Kitty Nightmares

Immediately after Yasmine posted her Cat Lady/Crazy Cat Lady Toon, it started to show up as a tagged photo on the walls of some of my former student's FaceBook pages. They not only tagged the Cat Lady and the Crazy Cat Lady, but each of the kitties was tagged.

From Cat Lady / Crazy Cat Lady

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