02 March 2011

March Memes Come in With a Roar - Paula Deen Rides & Charlie Sheen Memes

2010 was such a great year for Memes. The first two months of 2011 wasn't looking good meme-wise. Thundersnow Ice Cream-Cone Guy was a great start, but it seemed that only the lame meme-generated were being made. I found Business Cat fun, but then I find most Cat Memes fun just because my brain came under control of cats years ago. All the Disney character Meme-generated Hipster memes were a cheap rip off of the original Hipster Kitty.  Memes just didn't have any of the glorious zaniness which drew me to adore them in the first place.

Then Charlie Sheen opens his mouth, and the interwebs sparked up with ways to mock his words.  March Memes came in with a roar.  One minute there were photos of Paula Deen licking butter off a gentlemen, then riding him like horse, and within hours, tumblr was full of "Paula Rides" photo-shopped craziness.  A tumbr site,  pauladeenridingthings appears out of nowhere.  This is one of the fasted memes to appear ever.

Charlie Sheen Memes



 Paula Deen Riding Things Meme

This is the photo that started it all.

Here are some of my favorite Paula Deen Rides Things


And if that isn't enough, here is the 
video of the butter/riding incidence:

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