25 December 2010

Shironeko - One More Essential Internet Kitteh of 2010

Earlier this month I posted a list of the Essential Internet Cats of 2010. I put a lot of thought into the list, and think I picked the best of the best. Since I posted the list, Jack Shephard posted his The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2010 on BuzzFeed. Jack came up with another great list, but even after reading his list, I felt like there was one cat we both forgot, Shironeko, literally meaning white cat in Japanese.

Shironeko became famous for being photographed with a sundry of veggies, fruits, and bowls on his head.  At first I thought these were all photo-shopped until I saw Shironeko's videos such as this one:

With his own Blog and FaceBook page, Shironeko is easily an Essential Kitteh of 2010.  I apologize to Shironeko for his omission. To be honest, as I look through photo after photo of Shironeko, I think I also such have included him as one of my Buddha Cats.

Shironeko is BasketCat

Shironeko with his siblings

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