11 November 2010

Kitteh Graffiti - Cat Street Art From Around the World, Part IV

Barcelona, España

Gato chino
Costa Rica

gato de luna roja
By Ryan Platz, Peru

Grafite em casa

Madrid, España

By Aaron Arana, Lima, Pera

Gato Negro
By Ramsey Arnaoot, Valparaiso, Chile

Gato by koolkiz
Sevilla, España

Pedra gato
Photo By Tikka Meszaros

gatos en lámina

gato de lluvia
By Xurxo Martínez, Granada, España

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Granda, España

Valencia, España

Gato negro
Murcia, España

lindo gatito
Bilbao, España

Catpower BUUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purple Cat Coke

*Cat´s Moshi - Moshi*

Barcelona, España

l Bienal Internacional de Graffiti de Belo Horizonte

el bacan
Bogotá, Colombia

Lindo gatito...
Photo By Xurxo Martínez, Malasaña, Madrid, España

kizio en el "point" del callao


Río de Janeiro, Brazil

Miau! / Meow!
Santiago de Compostela, España

l Bienal Internacional de Graffiti de Belo Horizonte

By hana*bi

en buenos aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brooklyn, NYC, New York, U.S.

Gatunagem (video) Movie

Tallinn - Pirita tee
Talinn, Estonia

Bremen, Germany 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

London, England 

More Graffiti:


catsparella said...

These are awesome!!!

Tracy said...

I love the one made in Buenos Aires. When I travelled to Argentina, I remember that I had rented a buenos aires apartment next to this huge wall full of cats painted there, it was amazing. It shocked me how beautiful it was. Then I asked because I was intrigued, and apparently, that is common in the city, people find the most special ways to express themselves.

Kate said...

I love you, person who collected these, people who made the art. Muchos gracias! :)