27 November 2010

Buddha Kittehs

Cat Temple Inle_20060425_004
Temple in Burma

Temple Cat - Koyasan
Temple Cat in Japan

Asia: May 24: Doi Suthep
Temple Cat in Thailand

February 9 2008
Backyard Buddha Kittehs
Enlightened one

Cat & Buddha (Caochangdi, Beijing)
Caochangdi, Beijing

Gal Vihara - seated buddha #1 with cat
Sri Lanka

Tiger Cub
Temple Kitteh, Thailand

Luang Prabang, Laos

Mini likes the Buddha
Backyard Buddha Kitteh

Little White Buddha Cat

I R Buddha, I R Enlightened
Tao of Meow

As chilled as Buddha...


Temple Cat 2
Temple Cat, Thailand

Sakura cat
Temple Cat, Japan

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