27 November 2010

12 Cats That ARE Stoned

I take full responsibility for this.  This is Tigre Secundo, a stray cat that was left in the neighborhood.  I've been trying to adopt this sweet guy, and it was the cat nip that eased the way.  He finally let my touch him once he was stoned.

I only take partial responsibility for this.  This is Tesuque, one of my all time favorite felines who passed on years ago.  This was during his youthful years.  I had put the catnip out of reach from him, or at least I thought it was out of reach.  I heard a crashing sound and ran into the living room to see what happened.  There was my darling Tesuque rolling around in a pound of catnip in stoned nip heaven. 

I originally put these photos up on BuzzFeed in response to a list of cats that looked stoned.  I thought about the two photos I had of my stoned kittehs and wanted some to go with them.  The following are photos I found on Flickr.
Don't "Bogart" that catNip bro!

 Ah, "I don't think I can move from this spot!"

 "Move!  Did someone say something. . . ah, what?"

"What! What?  Get into the catnip?  Not me!"

"You talkin' to me?"

CatNip Meditation . . . OMMMM 

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