27 May 2013

Turn on, Tune In Your Bike with Electronic Lights

I ran into these gif files of a bicycle given magic Nyan powers by a kitty on Tumblr, and I had to find the source.  I don't fall in love easily, yet I'm madly in love with the concept of lighting up your bicycle with memes and art, especially kitteh art.

There is a group of wonderfully crazy people in San Francisco, called monkeylectric, who come up with idea of turning on and tuning in a bicycle with colors of light.  It is art and technology at its finest.  

Monkeylectric is trying to upgrade their manufacturing process to create the Monkey Light Pro.  They have a page on Kickstarter.  I gave them some money because I'd have a dream of everyone riding bikes instead of cars, and all the bikes lighting up the night with original electronic art, especially kitty art.

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