28 May 2013

Cat Gifs Galore - Too Much Cuteness For One Page

When I first got on the Internet about twenty years ago, there was no GUI (Graphic User Interface).  I had a IBM Clone computer with an Intel 80286 processor that got to up to a speed of 25MHz.  Actually, the World Wide Web was just beginning to show up, and I used a Lynx browser.  After a while I got tired of seeing [IMAGE] and downloading the image to view, so I upgraded to Windoz 3.11 and a 80386 computer/processor.  The next step was to get a web site on a local server called rt66.com.  A good name since Route 66 traverses Albuquerque where I live.  About that time, animated gif files were showing up, so immediately made three pages full of animated cat graphics.  There were a few sites that offered cat graphics, so mine was one of the first to offer just animated cats.    NaNcY's Cat Animation Site, is still there and still gets lots of daily hits, although I havened updated it in ages.

Today I spend a great deal of time on Tumblr.  There I have discovered the newest crop of animated cats.  I share some of my favorite with you here.  

Alone by Bullzara



This is my second attempt at making animated gif files out of video.  The video is titled Simon's Cat Icecapade.

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