10 October 2010

For the Love of Black Cats - El Gato Negro

About three years ago, a small ball of black fuzz appeared meowing loudly in my yard. This stray kitten began my love affair with black cats. Black cats can blend into the shadows. They can sparkle in the sunlight. Sometimes they are hard to photography, and sometimes, with the right background, they look stunning. Here are some of photo of beautiful black cats.

 Pojoaque as a small kitten and Pojoaque as a grown cat 
 standing in front of the same computer monitor

My Cats, Laguna and Pojoaque
Where ever one of my cat is, the other will be close by.

Finn and Munch

Pablo Flores, Santa Fé, Argentina

Black cat and bouganvilla
In Greece

Black cat at Smallidea
In  Taipei City, Twain

Gato negro que olla

Angelica Gonzalez Ruiz, en Chile

Sweet Little Softie

Alpine Black Cat
In Switzerland

Gato negro
Héctor de Pereda, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Salobreña 2010
Fran Hidalgo Carmona, en Puerto de Motril, Andalucía, España

Kitten Zwo, Ernst-Thälmann-Str I
Ernst-Thälmann-Str I

Shadow by Tony Case

Photo by Chris Yarzab

By Toshihiro Oimatsu, Toyosu, Tokyo Japan

By EdwinaPoppy



Anonymous said...

VERY ADORABLE KITTYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 <3 so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

those were very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please give them to us