15 June 2013

"Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat"

"Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat," is the motto of Morris's supporters in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.  Morris is quickly becoming as famous as other feline Internet Stars like  Shironeko, Lil Bub and Tatar Sauce the Grumpy Cat.  Added to all his supports in Xalapa, he has garnished support throughout Mexico by people who are tired of the corruption that plagues the world today.  His FaceBook page had 117K and climbing Likes.  Although it is not exactly legal for a cat to run for office in Xalapa, supporters are asking that people draw his adorable face on the ballot as a sort of write in campaign.  Most importantly Morris's campaign has opened up discussion about just how sick people are of the fraud and corruption that is part of all the political systems in the world today, not just Mexico.  Plus, he is a very handsome cat.

Morris not only is running for mayor of his Mexican city, he has become a free on line game. Is there no end to the gato's greatness! Plus ViDeoS:


More and More Cats are Endorsing el CandiGato Morris.


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