10 June 2011

For the Love of Poptart/Nyan Cat - Fan Art

I've been a fan of Poptart Cat/Nyan Cat since the video first hit the web in April.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the story behind Poptart Cat can be found on Know Your Meme.  I want to share some of the my favorite Poptart creations I've found on Tumblr and FaceBook.

By Anna Daftendirekt De Marchi ·and her Nyan Cat Juno

 Made by Dangerful

psychedelic poptart kitteh 

NYAN-15 By Travis Carroll  

by Lulz Security, the “hacktivist group”  on PBS hacked site

Just in case you need more Nyan Cat, here is the
3 1/2 hour long version of the original video.

. . . and if that isn't enough, check out DeviantArt.  I found most of these while on Tumblr, but I searched DeviantArt to find the creators of each piece. To my amazement, I barely scrapped the Surface of all the Nyan/Poptart Cat fan art.


nomrou kiki said...

nice poptart is cute Hennessey from,NY

Sirea said...

I created cursor and icon set inspired by Nyan Cat for customization PC. Links.. http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/nyan-cat

What do you think about?