31 July 2007

Peace Pages, Impeachment and YouTube

Today I finally updated my peace pages. I took me four months to do this. I can understand why I was too busy during the months of April and May, but why I didn't update them early is something I've pondered.

I have been screaming about what is going on in this country since before the 2000 election, and finally it seems like more people are beginning to question what is going on. I guess I took a break and let others scream for me. Also, I was told I was too opinionated by the powers that control me at my work and to show a more balanced view point. So, I've been doing a lot of soul searching and self questioning during this summer break. I have to admit that I do have a problem with saying the first thing that comes into my mind sometimes, so I'm meditating on using a better filter before I speak. I just don't like to be dishonest, and sometimes that is the way I feel I'm being asked to be. Ignoring the reality of things seems like such a big lie. Of course I'm way too passionate about some subjects.

I also wasn't sure I wanted to blog my opinions because there are so many other blogs that do a much better job than I could ever do.


I also find that I'm holding my breath, taking steps back, and not letting myself get too caught up in the Impeachment Winds. I have to remind myself of all that Reagan got away with, and how unwilling the congress seems to be to open this slimy bag of rotten worms. Personally, I feel we need to impreach both President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney. We need to show future leaders and the world that we truly believe in the constitution, and that such blatant abuses of power are just not acceptable. We need to teach our children that lies and cheating have consequences. All the other excuses just don't counter balance this. We made a moral stand in 1974, and we need to make a moral stand in 2007.

I also am reminded of being twenty-one, barely alive after a near fatal car accident, stuck in bed and watching the Watergate Hearings, at least what I can remember of them. I remember less about the hearings than I remember about how the hearings made me feel. I was so excited, and so glad that I survived to see them. I had taken an American History class at UNM with an amazing professor who basically predicted what I was seeing unfolding in front of me. I was thrilled that justice still meant something in this country. I was thrilled to see the American Public demanding this justice and the congress following through.

I've also been spending lots of time looking through YouTubes recently. This has to be one of the best innovations on the web to come along in a long time. I love it. We have people sharing a little part of their world with us. We have a place for people to voice their opinions freely while being as creative as they can possibly be. I have found old footage of musicians that have delighted me as well as now clips of music I had yet discovered. I can get stuck in the cat videos for a while since I adore the animal, plus I am the servant of three of them. Also being a turtle fan, I have to add a YouTube here. We once had a box turtle, and at that time we had five cats. The cats would try to play with Murtle the Turtle, but she would go inside her shell, and they'd get bored. There were times she'd walk over to my husband or myself then stick her head out at us. BUT never, ever did we see do anything like this.

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