08 April 2016

#FeelingTheBern - Murals Created to Support Bernie Sanders

I was impressed by the many artists who have created murals around the country to show their support for Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  These works of art show the true spirit of a grassroots movement & I wanted to collect them together here.

By Graffiti Artist Gamma Acosta in Denver <source>

By Artists Disto & Old Broads in Philadelphia <source>

Mural by Brooks Bell on the Sweettooth Candy Co.'s wall in Philadelphia <source>

Denver, Colorado <source

Los Angeles <source> Mural by Lydia Emily

Richmond, Virginia <source>

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York <source

Hollywood off Melrose Ave., California <source>

 Sticky Note Mural created by Deniz Celik, Radmer van der Heyde, Mafalda Borges and Tatiana Anthony at Olin College of Engineering, Needham, Massachusetts  <source>

 Mural created by Hamilton Glass of Philadelphia <source>

David Tanych & Meryl Lebowitz in front of their barn mural in Kirby, Vermont.  
The Mural was created with spray paint by Jules Muck from California. <source

Mural by Lydia Emily in Los Angeles' Silverlake neighborhood.  <source>

Roof Mural by Daren Wilkerson in San Francisco, California  <source>

Photo by Jamie Rojo taken in Brooklyn, New York  <source>

Brooklyn Welcome Home Mural by Nick Kuszyk  <source>

Venice Beach, California by Jules Muck

13 June 2015

Draw Your Cat in a Dress Day

Draw You Cat In A Dress Day

On 4 June 2014, pictures of cats in dresses started showing up on my Tumblr feed.  They were delightful and I reblogged most of them.  Then a year later on 12 June 2015, cats in dresses started to show up again.  I had totally forgotten about Draw your Cat In A Dress Day.  I decided all the wonderful drawings of cats in dresses needed to be collected and praised.  

The person who began both years Draw You Cat In A Dress Day <#drawyourcatinadressday> is known as Becky and Frank or Tiny Kitten Teeth.  I searched on line and found that the holiday had spread from Tumblr to Twitter and Instagram.  Unfortunately it hasn't taken off on Reddit or Deviant Art yet.  Maybe next year.  Here are some of my favorites for all the sites mentioned.

5 June 2014 

mygoodrabbit on Tumblr


12 June 2015